Chainsaw Man Anime Finally Ends the Violence Fiend Debate

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Chainsaw Man Violence Fiend

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 delighted fans with the introduction of the Special Division's fiends and devils. Though it also seemingly ended the Violence Fiend debate among Chainsaw Man fans, especially manga readers.

The new episode finally saw the appearance of the Violence Fiend, and while his previous identity was not revealed, the episode’s ending all but confirmed a popular fan theory about him.


Spoiler Warning: There are minor Chainsaw Man manga spoilers in this article.

Devils and Fiends Take Center Stage in Chainsaw Man Episode 11

chainsaw man angel devil
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Episode 11 picked up right where the 10th episode left off, with Aki making a deal with the Future Devil.

Soon, the operation to take out Katana Man and Akane Sawatari went underway, and it also introduced the new members of the Special Division.

The first is Beam, the fan-favorite Shark Fiend. Aside from literally making a splash (as his power lets him swim on any surface), the Shark Fiend also surprised fans given that his voice actor is a big Demon Slayer star.

Specifically, Beam is voiced by Natsuki Hanae, the voice actor of Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.


While his Beam voice is wildly different, fans believe he pulled it off well.

Another new character that delighted fans is the Angel Devil. Voiced by Maaya Uchida (of Bocchi the Rock! fame), the Angel Devil is a popular character, with many fans shipping him with Aki Hayakawa.

Yes, the Angel Devil is a male character, which might not be readily apparent given his androgynous looks and voice.

Along with these two are the Spider Devil and the Violence Fiend.


While it is not confirmed in the manga, many fans take it as a fact that the Violence Fiend is someone that previously appeared in the series.

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Violence Fiend Theory

Chainsaw Man Violence Devil Ending
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In case you didn’t know about the theory, many fans believe that Kobeni’s previous partner, Arai, is the Violence Fiend, or that Arai’s body was used as the human host for the Violence Devil.

Many believe this to be the case as the Violence Fiend’s face is always concealed. And the one time that he was shown, his face looks reminiscent of Arai’s.

In the episode’s ending credits, the Violence Fiend was shown alongside Kobeni and Himeno, hinting that Arai is indeed the Violence Fiend.

After all, none of the other new devils and fiends were shown in the ending.

While many take this as a confirmation of the popular fan theory, it’s still not 100% official given that no statement has been made by anyone regarding his identity.

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