Casting Call for Live-Action Mulan Reveals Mulan will have Powers; Shang Replaced with ‘Chen’

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This is sure to piss off some Disney fans. At the wake of the live-action Mulan film being pushed to 2020, a casting call sheet has come out for the movie, and it reveals a lot of changes to some characters that are sure to peeve off some fans of the original.

Check this out:

By the way the casting call reads, Mulan herself will undergo some changes, as she is said to have some ‘mysterious' powers that will put her at the top of her unit. I'm guessing if there's no Mushu in this film, the ancestors will be sending their ‘help' via these powers.

Another huge change will be coming to Mulan's love interest General Lee Shang. Instead, we'll be having a soldier by the name of Chen Honghui, who is on the same level as Mulan in the army. He's said to be the rival of Mulan in the film, until he discovers that she is a woman—turning his feelings of irritation into "something like love."

As a fan of the original, reading all these changes kind of makes it feel like they didn't get the point of the animated film. Mulan was about a woman who used nothing but her wits and hard work to get herself ahead of an extremely misogynistic society. Now she needs powers just to be able to compete?


Who knows, maybe I'm getting angry over nothing. The movie hasn't entered production yet, and there's still a lot of room for changes. I'm just crossing my fingers that Disney knows exactly what they're doing with this live-action version's script.

Mulan is set to come out March 27, 2020.

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