Captain Marvel's Star Gets Her Own Series

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Marvel earned a great amount of support from fans all over the globe, it became one of the top comic publishers and companies in the world. Fans quickly earned a liking for the characters from a lot of the company's projects, and it looks like another hero is going to be added to their list.

Marvel announced their newest superhero at the New York Comic-Con Retailer Panel. Along with their lineup of superheroes, Star will have her very own limited series. The character was first seen in July's Captain Marvel #8. Having her own series, the company hopes that she will be a breakout star, as her name suggests.

Star will be written by Captain Marvel scribe and creator Kelly Thompson. Thompson was very much excited about the news because the character she created would finally be given her own spotlight. "With some really exceptional standouts like the creation of Miles Morales and Kamala Khan, it's pretty hard to get traction on a new character in modern comics," Thompson says. She then teased a surprise that'll be revealed in Captain Marvel #11 which will be released on October 16. Thompson describes it as something that "sort of demands a mini-series like this to explore mysteries surrounding her and her importance and potential in the larger Marvel Universe."

Carmen Carnero is the artist behind the cover, check it out below:

Star by Carmen Carnero
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Credit: Marvel Comics

Editor Sarah Brunstad says the plan to reveal the character, Ripley Ryan, as Star has been in the works ever since the first Captain Marvel script "was on paper." The hero was said to have received a great response and that there was actually so much enthusiasm for a brand new character such as Star. Brunstad also teased that the reveal in Captain Marvel #11 will change the way Star interacts with the whole Marvel Universe.

Star is set to be released sometime around January 2020.

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