08 Mar 2018 10:46 AM +00:00 UTC

Captain Marvel and Doctor Sivana Clash in Set Video from Shazam!

We just recently got a peek at the front of Zachary Levi's Captain Marvel costume in Shazam!, but a new set video actually has him clashing with the movie's villain, Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong).

Check it out:

Though we don't have much details on Sivana's powers for this movie, it looks like he'll be doing a lot of CGI hand-waving. This also looks like the same location where we get to see Captain Marvel save a bus of commuters and then dance to himself after a job well done.


If you've seen 2011's Green Lantern, you'll know that Mark Strong can play one great villain. Sure nowadays he's playing the nice guy Merlin for the Kingsman films, but I would love to see him go back to his villain roots. Whenever Strong plays a villain, he's always managed to be one of the more memorable parts of the film.

With all these leaked looks at Captain Marvel's outfit, director David F. Sandberg promises that an official reveal from WB is ‘right around the corner.' I just wish they released an official image before they started shooting on location. That's what Deadpool 2 did with Cable's reveal.

Shazam! hits theaters April 5, 2019.

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