Capcom Announces Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition And New DLC

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Capcom has announced Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition for a December 12 release, coming to the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. This new version includes the original game, plus all the DLC that was released for it. In addition to the extra content, the Gold Edition will also have the new content coming this year; Not A Hero and End of Zoe.

Not A Hero has players control fan favorite Resident Evil character Chris Redfield, in a scenario set sometime after the original game. Redfield is now a member of a new and improved version of the Umbrella corporation, so that's interesting. This DLC comes out on December 12 as well, but will be free for anyone who has a copy of the game.


End of Zoe details what happens to the only sane member of the Baker family after the events of the main game, confirming that the ending where Ethan saves his wife is the canon one. It has players control Zoe Baker, as she faces "new threats" and explore "swamp-filled new areas" in this expansion. Unlike Not A Hero, this DLC will cost $14.99.

Those that missed out on Resident Evil 7 the first time should definitely check out the newly announced Gold Edition when it comes out this holiday season. Critics and fans credit the game for bringing some life back into the title, thanks to it's new setting and drastically different gameplay.

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