10 Jun 2016 3:48 PM +00:00 UTC

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare To Star Kit Harrington As Villain

Kit Harrington is ready to step into another game, but this time he's playing a totally different character.

Departing from his virtuous role as Jon Snow in HBO's Game of Thrones, the 29-year-old actor is playing the villain in the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Harrington will be the face of the video game's enemy faction called the SDF (Settlement Defense Front).

Infinity Ward's narrative director Taylor Kurosaki is proud and excited about Harrington's involvement in the game. He said:

Kit is an amazing talent, and the consummate pro.
Our story is about an epic showdown of opposing forces, and Kit immersed himself into the role and truly became the embodiment of the enemy, the Settlement Defense Front. We can't wait for fans to see Kit play an entirely different kind of character.

To make things even more exciting for fans, director Guy Ritchie (Snatch, Sherlock Holmes) has been brought in to helm Harington's.

Infinity Ward's studio head Dave Stohl explained what the role meant to the video game company and how the team can't wait to get Kit's performance out in the public. He said:

Guy Ritchie is a friend of the franchise, so it was great to have him back to work with us, assisting in bringing Kit Harington's character to life in Infinite Warfare.
It meant a lot to us to develop the role into everything it could be. We're excited about the performance Kit delivered and can't wait to get it out to the public. We're committed to delivering a compelling story with rich character depth, and this was a special opportunity to add to our fantastic cast.

Earlier today, Call of Duty shared a video of Harrington on the game's set with fully-equipped for his motion-capture role.

Other Hollywood stars who have appeared in the franchise include Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) in Advanced Warfare, as well as Chris Meloni (Law and Order: SVU) in Black Ops III.


While the actor has appeared in other projects aside from his famous role in Game of Thrones, this will be the first time that he'll be playing a villain. It's definitely exciting to see his take on such a character in the upcoming video game.

Harrington's villainous role will be unleashed when Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is released on November 4.

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