C. Martin Croker of 'Space Ghost: Coast to Coast' Has Passed Away

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C. Martin Croker, who acted as both lead animator and voice actor on the wildly influential cult TV Series Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, passed away yesterday, io9 reports. Though it's not the most famous cartoon out there, Cartoon Network's Space Ghost is responsible for inspiring the entire original Adult Swim cartoon block for the network. Croker provided the voice for the titular Space Ghost's alien co-hosts, Zorak and Molvar. He also came up with the idea for the characters.

Space Ghost starred the eponymous superhero, formerly seen in Hanna-Babara cartoons, hosting a parody talk show. It was Cartoon Network's first fully produced original series, launching in 1994. The show would go on to inspire other cartoons, like Cartoon Planet, the Brak Show and most notably, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Croker himself also worked on Aqua Teen Hunger Force as an animator. In addition, Space Ghost kickstarted the careers of Adam Reed and Matt Thompson. The two men are behind the popular adult cartoon Archer.

The cause of Croker's death is unknown. He was 54 years old. In honor of his passing, Adult Swim is streaming most Space Ghost episodes for free on their official website.

Rest in peace, Mr. Croker.