BTS' LA Concert Tickets Being Sold At Unreasonable Prices; Leaves Fans Frustrated

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BTS indeed become one of the most sought-after groups globally, and their demand has continued to grow in recent months.

K-pop groups held their concerts locally and abroad before the COVID-19 pandemic came. From sold-out shows to full-packed meet-and-greet events, the idols indeed interacted with their fans closer than ever.

However, everything changed temporarily when the health crisis affected the world's industries, including music. This led BTS and other K-pop groups to opt for online concerns instead to safeguard their fans.


Fortunately, as the number of cases continues to go down, everyone prepares to be back on concert tours again. But as the K-pop supergroup waits to hold their first in-person concert again, a new issue arose concerning the tickets.

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BTS LA Concert Tickets Being Sold At Ridiculous Prices

BTS' LA Concert Tickets Being Sold At Unreasonable Prices; Leaves Fans Frustrated
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Earlier this month, Ticketmaster announced it would not release BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA for the public on sale due to presale demand and past purchases. Although it released tickets even for the seats with limited views, the company said that those slots were immediately sold out, as well.

The concerts are scheduled for November 27 and 28 and December 1 and 2. They set priorities on who could get the tickets based on the previous events. From October 5, the VIP fans from the Map of the Soul Tour got the chance to secure new tickets for the LA tour. The following day, the BTS Global Official Fanclub members bought theirs before the fans who made it on the presale on October 8 grabbed the remaining seats.

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As a result of the sold-out tickets, Ticketmaster released resale tickets on October 17. However, the price soared higher than usual due to the continuous high demand. Some VVIP tickets were sold at $15,338.

Other platforms also began reselling the tickets at inflated prices.

On Stubhub, resale tickets for Floors B3, C2, and C3 ranging from $21, 865 to $50,000 each. On Vividseat, an A4 ticket's price is now around $12,506, while the farthest seat already costs $1,053 each.

Originally, BTS concert tickets are only priced around $60 to $450, proving how unfairly in demand the group is in terms of resale tickets.

BTS Has Demands For Fans Who Will Attend The Concerts

BTS LA Concert
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Aside from securing a ticket, a fan will also need to complete all the requirements before entering the venue.

As part of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health order, the concert organizers require all concertgoers from 12 years old and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19. A negative COVID-19 test result must be presented 72 hours before the event for those who refuse to get jabbed.

The committee also warned those people who plan to fabricate documents to enter the venue freely, saying that everyone who falsifies vaccination or COVID-19 test records would automatically be punishable under applicable laws.

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