Bryan Cranston Suits Up As The Red Power Ranger For Stephen Colbert

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Power Rangers is almost out, and reviews are saying that it's going to be a fun ride. Aside from introducing some newbies as the Rangers, the movie also includes a cast of A-listers, one of them Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. Cranston has just recently appeared in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he made his entrance wearing the classic Red Ranger suit from the 90s series.

Of course, Cranston won't be playing a Ranger in the movie. Instead, he'll be playing the Rangers' head-of-command Zordon. What's fun is, the interview also brings up a lot of Cranston's earlier roles from the past, including his stint voicing on of the monsters in the original show.


There's also a clip of Cranston playing Zordon in the movie, and it's interesting how they have his face moving around the walls of the ship instead of just being a stationary hologram. It looks like Zordon himself is a bit more skeptical of the new Rangers in the beginning, seeing that they're only a bunch of teenage kids.

I absolutely love Bryan Cranston, and he's gone such a long way since he played Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. He's just been getting role after role ever since Breaking Bad ended, but I wonder if it was his work on the original series that made the producers cast him in the role of Zordon?

Power Rangers comes out March 24.

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