Bryan Cranston on Why He Wants To Play Mr. Sinister

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Image by Bosslogic

Last week, reports surfaced that producer Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer confirmed on the X-Men: Apocalypse commentary track that the villain of the upcoming Wolverine 3 film is Mr. Sinister. Shortly after that, Wolverine 3 director James Mangold shot down the reports on his Twitter page:

Note that James Mangold didn't flat-out deny that Mr. Sinister will appear in Wolverine 3, so it's possible that he's joking around to cover up the truth.

While there's no guarantee that Mr. Sinister will be the main villain of Wolverine 3, Bryan Cranston recently revealed that he wants to play this X-Men supervillain. The acclaimed actor mentioned a film festival appearance for Trumbo last year that he would like to play Mr. Sinister, and it sounds like he still wants to play the role, as he revealed in an appearance on AMC's Geeking Out. When host Greg Grunberg asked Cranston what villain he would most like to play, the actor said:

"I'm interested in creating a role. I'd love to do something that hasn't been done before. Lex Luthor, there's been a lot of that. I've been asked to take a look at Commissioner Gordon. It's like, I would be one in several and I would kind of like to carve out a new identity. Mister Sinister has always been someone...that would be very cool."

I think Cranston would make a brilliant Mr. Sinister. Regardless of his desire to play the supervillain, it's still unlear whether or not we'll see him on the big screen. However, BossLogic tweeted an illustration of what Cranston may look like as Mr. Sinister, and it looks badass. Check it out:

Wolverine 3 is set to release in theaters on March 3, 2017.

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