Bryan Cranston Accidentally Confirms Zordon’s Origin Theory

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A popular fan theory has been going around suggesting that Cranston's Zordon from the Power Rangers reboot is actually the original Red Ranger and while it seems like a stretch, a new comment from the Breaking Bad star confirms its validity.

Power Rangesr Megaforce's Red Ranger, Andrew Gray, just went on Instagram earlier today to show off a signed copy of Cranston's book A Life in Parts and though the message the Power Rangers star wrote to Grey may seem innocent, Cranston's words seem to hint out a confirmation of the popular "Zordon is the original Red Ranger theory."


The post has been taken down from Gray's Instagram account for some reason, however Power Rangers Now managed to take a few snaps of the image the former Power Ranger shared before it was deleted. Cranston's message in the book reads:

"To Andrew, Happy Birthday! To a Power Ranger, from a Power Ranger. Be well. – Bryan Cranston, 2017."

While it is likely that Cranston could have generalized the term Power Ranger to encompass his role as Zordon in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, the possibility that Cranston accidentally confirmed the fan theory is also very heavy. Why would Grey have to delete his post if there was nothing to it? Without any explanations from either side, we'll probably just have to wait and see till it shows in Power Rangers:

Power Rangers hits in theaters on March 24.

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