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Bruce Campbell Announces The Doctor is Finally Coming To America

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Who said that Doctor can't be American? The great Bruce Campbell took to his social media accounts today to make a special announcement: He was cast to play The Doctor in a Doctor Who Christmas special this year!

He revealed a poster announcing the special, in which Campbell is seen dressed in a TARDIS blue suit, with a TARDIS pin on it, while holding a sonic screwdriver.

"After more than 50 years adventuring through time, space, and the United Kingdom... The Doctor is finally coming to America," the poster says, with both BBC America and SyFy logos on it.

Of course, it's April first, so this is obviously unreal. And neither network made an official statement about this pseudo-special. But I hope the Doctor Who showrunners would realize how awesome it would be to get Bruce Campbell to be the Doctor and actually make it happen.

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