Brand-New Star Wars Battlefront II Game Mode Lets Players Use Ewoks

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Have you ever wanted to use an Ewok in a video game? EA and DICE will finally let players answer that question next week, as Star Wars Battlefront II introduces the all-new Ewok Hunt mode. This will be a part of the game's Night on Endor update, which also brings back in-game purchases like the company promised.

Ewok Hunt lets players choose if they want to side with the cute little creatures or the Empire in this limited-time event. Those that choose Ewoks will have to eliminate stormtroopers to protect their homeland with spears, stealth attacks, wisties, and other abilities that haven't been disclosed. These creatures will have to rely on stealth, given their height disadvantage.

Since the mode is set in the darkened planet of Endor, players that choose stormtroopers will have access to flashlights and an array of powerful weapons to take these furry creatures down. Ewoks will be easier to kill for those that side with the Empire since they will be armed with laser guns, not spears.


As for the dreaded return of microtransactions, players will now be able to buy crystals with real-life money. Now that all of the heroes have been unlocked, players will now use these crystals to buy alternate attires for the characters, like the Endor outfits of Leia Organa and Han Solo.

Ewok Hunt will become available on April 18. Star Wars Battlefront II is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Via EA

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