Brainiac Cast For SyFy's Krypton Show

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It took a while, but it looks like SyFy's Krypton show will be moving forward after all. Deadline has reported that two roles have been cast, one for an obscure character and the other being a classic Superman villain. Charys is the obscure character played by actress Paula Malcomson, while Blake Ritson will be playing Brainiac.

Brainiac has been a thorn in Superman's side for some time now and will be the big bad of the series. Apparently, Brainiac wants to end Superman before he was ever born, so he sends his agents to go to the Man of Steel's birth planet and kill his grandfather Seg-El, the lead character of the series. Superman fans might take some issue with this since Brainiac would probably want to keep the specimens he was able to capture from the planet, but it will be interesting to see what his motives are.

Though he has yet to appear in a live-action movie, Brainiac is one of the most famous bad guys that Superman has. Aside from the comics, he was also one of the main villains in Superman: The Animated Series, which a lot of people grew up with. Brainiac is also the main villain of Injustice 2, where it was revealed that he destroyed Krypton in that universe.

Krypton still has no release date. Now that some casting has been made, fans can only hope that a window for its premiere is near.

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