Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime is more Than Just a Naruto 2.0

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The announcement of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime came, many fans were obviously excited at the prospect of expanding the Naruto universe through their kids. However, there was also the general wondering of whether it can set itself apart from what the legacy of Naruto has come to be.

In a new interview with Noriyuki Abe (via Spiralling Sphere), the chief director revealed that their goal is to let both old and new fans enjoy the anime while also cementing a different tone and feel apart from the original anime.


To do this, the anime will use the background of Boruto: Naruto the Movie to introduce the characters, while also opening with Boruto's first day in Ninja Academy.

"We don't want it to become 'Naruto 2.0.' We want to create a new work that our fans, who have followed us these 15 years, and now grown into adults and their children can enjoy. Of course, this is on top of also including the characters that are already a part of the series. We as the staff of Naruto refer to Naruto and Sasuke as 'legendary characters,' and it's awesome when they appear in the story, but we are careful to portray Boruto and the next generation as the main characters as we are creating the series."

The biggest challenge for Boruto, it seems, is that he has very big shoes to fill, especially with his dad being the 7th Hokage. Interestingly, just as the anime is trying to set a tone apart from the original, this is also Boruto's goal, which is to have his own stance and self in their world.

One thing to note though—are we looking at a similar dynamic with Boruto's other close allies? For one thing, Abe revealed that Sarada (Sasuke's daughter) and Mitsuki will supposedly have a "more developed relationship from now on."

Possible similarities aside, Abe assured that there will be new glimpses into the world, particularly the serious side to that world.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will premiere on TV on April 5.

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