Blue Lock Reveals More Spinoff Novels and Cover Art

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As the anime and manga continue gaining steam thanks to the World Cup, Blue Lock just announced that more spinoff novels are set to release next year. Along with the announcement, the cover art for the second spinoff novel was also shared online.

Info about the upcoming novels and their release dates along with the second novel’s cover art was revealed via the series’ official Twitter account.


Blue Lock Trends During World Cup

blue lock bachira

Blue Lock was already getting more interest at the beginning of the Fall 2022 season thanks to the new anime adaptation. Though there’s no doubt that the recent World Cup has caused the series’ popularity to skyrocket.

During the World Cup 2022 Group Stage, Japan was put in the same group as Spain and Germany, two countries that many pundits believe will go far in the tournament.

Unexpectedly, Japan won their match against Germany thanks to a dramatic second-half rally.

Thanks to this shocking win, Japan’s national football team trended alongside Blue Lock.

After all, the series’ story is about Japan looking for their next star striker to take the country to World Cup victory.


While Japan lost their next match against Costa Rica, the team emerged victorious in their match against Spain.

This was another unexpected result, much more so because of two impressive goals by Japan, one of which was millimeters away from being out.

However, Japan’s World Cup journey ended in the Round of 16 as they were defeated by Croatia.

Japan still had a successful run overall though, with many fans saying that the Blue Lock program helped.

On the flip side, many fans are expecting Blue Lock manga sales to skyrocket thanks to the renewed interest in soccer.

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Blue Lock Spinoff Novels Announcement

blue lock anime key art
Credit: Muneyuki Kaneshiro / Yusuke Nomura / Kodansha

Given the spike in interest in the series, it’s no surprise to see Blue Lock confirm that more spinoff novels are on the way.

Specifically, these two novels are the follow-up to the first novel in the Shōsetsu Blue Lock Tatakai no Mae, Bokura wa (Blue Lock: Us, Before the Battle) series.

These books follow the stories of the series’ characters prior to joining the Blue Lock program.

The first novel was released back on October 18, while the second novel will be released on January 17, 2023.


As for the third novel, it will be released sometime in Autumn 2023.

In case you haven’t seen the anime yet, you can stream Blue Lock now on Crunchyroll. New episodes of the series are released every week.

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