Bloodshot Gets Shooting Date, Vin Diesel Teases Leading Role

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Fans of Valiant Comics have been looking forward to Sony's Bloodshot film, especially with reports that claimed Vin Diesel was playing the title character. Omega Underground has now stated that shooting for the movie will start soon and Diesel has seemingly confirmed the news, which should get Valiant fans excited.

The report claims that the film will start shooting in July and will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. Diesel should be familiar with the area since he shot xXx there, so it should be a nice return for the actor. The action star is also working with his Fast and Furious producer Neal Moritz on Bloodshot, so it's easy to see why he agreed to the role.

Diesel decided to celebrate the occasion by sharing some fanart of him as the title character while writing "And so it begins" on his Instagram post. This not only confirms him in the role but it also seems to indicate that filming for the movie will indeed be starting soon.


For those unaware, Bloodshot is a former soldier and was a part of a group called Project Rising Spirit, with powers that include enhanced healing, technomancy, and meta-morphing via nanites in his blood. He found out that This group has used him as an operative to eliminate a variety of terrorist threats around the world. He now goes around the world trying to find his real origins.

Bloodshot has no release date thus far, though Sony does plan on releasing it on 2019.

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