01 Feb 2018 3:10 PM +00:00 UTC

Black Panther Producer Explains The Reason Why Wakanda Kept Itself Hidden

Wakanda might be one of the most technologically advanced nations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the nation decided to keep out of the global spotlight and keep a low profile from the rest of the world.

Screen Rant spoke with Black Panther producer Nate Moore during their visit on the set of Black Panther and learned about the reason why Wakanda decided to trick the rest of the world into believing that they were a third world nation without any advanced tech.

"If you think about the way the world works, whenever any country has something of value, it tends to draw a lot of eyes. It tends to draw you into conflict, frankly. I think Wakanda saw, very early on, that if people knew that they had vibranium, which they do, they were going to be conquered. Or at least at war forever. So, they did the smart thing," the producer explained.


Wakanda has a lot of vibranium and according to Moore, Wakanda didn't want to spend their time fighting with other countries over the metal.

"They hid that fact, so nobody knows that they have the stuff. That's why they've been able to have these advancements, because they don't spend money on war," Moore explained. "They don't spend money defending themselves constantly. They just spend money on infrastructure, which again, that will feel topical without being overt, but just that idea."

It does make sense though. Instead of wasting time bickering with other countries, Wakanda improved because it hid its true nature from the rest of the world and focused on its own development. We can't wait to learn more about the culturally rich and diverse Wakanda when Black Panther premieres on February 16, 2018.

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