Black Panther Had Two Powerful Scenes That Were Painful To Cut

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After literally making a billion dollars and getting a ton of good reviews, calling Marvel's Black Panther a hit would be the understatement of the decade. It's easily one of the best films that Marvel has put out, thanks to great world-building, a complex, sympathetic villain, and one of the strongest supporting casts seen in a superhero movie.

Unfortunately, some very good moments from the film were cut due to its lengthy runtime and editor Michael Shawver revealed what they were in The Wrap.


One powerful scene that Shawver didn't want to cut was a moment between Danai Gurira and Daniel Kaluuya, who play lovers Okoye and W'Kabi respectively. By the end of the film, their relationship became strained after W'Kabi sided with Killmonger and Okoye remained loyal to T'Challa. Apparently, there was more to it than that.

"Toward the end, after things go bad and Killmonger [Michael B. Jordan] is in control and all that, we're talking about, what are they going to do? What is Wakanda going to become? Those are two powerhouse actors and it was an incredible scene with so many layers to it — boyfriend and girlfriend, it was general and her advisor, all those things. That was painful."

Another scene that Shawver was hesitant to remove was a grounded scene between Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa and Forest Whitaker's Zuri, which detailed their relationship a bit more. In the film, they definitely loved each other but the connection wasn't as powerful as the final product wanted it to be. It seems like this scene would have changed that a bit.

"There's a scene between Chadwick and Forest's characters which sets up their relationship. It sort of lets you attach yourself to their father-son dynamic so that later on in the film … you really feel more."
Thankfully, Shawver revealed that these scenes will be in the Black Panther home release. It might be able to justify a buy for that reason alone.

Black Panther is showing in cinemas now. No home release date has been revealed yet.

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