Black Panther is Coming to Home Video This May

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Black Panther, Marvel's best film, now has a release date for Blu-Ray and digital buyers. Fans who enjoyed it or haven't seen the movie will be able to get it digitally on May 8, while those that want the Blu-Ray can get it on May 15.

Marvel announced the release dates on Twitter, so fans can now mark their calendars and own this film. It should be an easy buy for devout MCU fans or those that just like collecting Blu-Rays or DVDs. Considering how it will be coming out a week after Infinity War (on digital at least) it will be fun to see fans compare the two films.

As anyone who's seen it can attest to, Black Panther is a pretty good film and is arguably the best one Marvel has ever made. Presenting great world-building, good characters, and a sympathetic villain, it might have changed the Marvel landscape and proved that the MCU is still capable of surprising audiences.

Will you be picking up Black Panther when it comes out next month?

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