Black Goku Revealed in Dragon Ball Super's Future Trunks Saga

Last month, it was rumored that Future Trunks will return in a new saga of Dragon Ball Super, and it looks like it has been confimed today in a preview image that was released in Japan.

As shared by Gojiitaaf, the latest Shonen Jump magazine unveiled the new supervillain Black Goku, and he looks exactly like Goku, but is he really? He's wearing black clothing and it seems that he's wearing a potara earring.

As the image hints, in this timeline, Trunks is with Mai, who had a thing going on during the Battle of Gods saga. Have they hooked up in the future?

This might mean that this Future Trunks is not the same person we saw in the Cell saga. He's probably one from the current timeline, and Episode 47 explains more about this to us.

The image also shows that Trunks has another time machine, and that a city behind him has been ruined. It would be interesting to see how Goku was turned evil, if that character is the real Goku. So what do you think?

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