Black Clover Manga Release Schedule 2022: On What Dates are New Chapters Released?

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Black Clover Manga Release Schedule: On What Dates are New Chapters Released?
Credit: Studio Pierrot

One of the most popular shonen anime series is Black Clover. Yuki Tabata has put a lot of effort into producing chapter after chapter since the series' debut in order to appease its cult following. So, what is the Black Clover Manga release schedule? On what dates are new chapters released?

The protagonist of the series is Asta, an anti-magic user who aspires to be the world's most powerful wizard. Unfortunately, he is completely incapable of using magic.

Fortunately, Asta has acquired a five-leaf clover grimoire, which gives him access to anti-magic abilities.


If you like to see some Naruto-ish action and motivational sequences, Black Clover is just the right show for your anime cravings. With magic involved and some funny antics here and there, Black Clover will be the next perfect series for you!

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Black Clover Manga Release Schedule 2022

Black Clover Manga Release Schedule-Content
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Credit: Studio Pierrot

New chapters of the Black Clover manga are published each week.


New chapter scanlations are frequently made available in the US early on Friday morning. Meanwhile, new chapters of Black Clover for the official VIZ release are available every Monday at 12:00 EST.

The manga series had announced a three-month break to get ready for the conclusion arc. The good thing is that Black Clover is now finally ending its hiatus!

A note from Tabata Sensei and the Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Department explained the cause of the hiatus. Yuki Tabata needed a break from the pressures of working in the manga industry's fast-paced environment in order to properly plan the finale of Black Clover.

Fans quickly grasped Tabata's and the Editorial Department's messages. They believed that a grand ending for Black Clover was only fair. After all, concluding the series after everything the characters have been through is no easy task.

They also believe that, unlike other manga series, Tabata does not need to drag the series out for an inordinate amount of time.

While the Spade Kingdom Assault arc received mixed reviews, some readers thought the series should have ended after the Elves arc.

After three months of waiting, the Black Clover manga will return with new chapters on August 1, 2022.


The official Weekly Shonen Jump English version can be subscribed to as another alternative for purchasing weekly chapters. Each new user will receive the benefit of daily access to 100s of chapters of Shonen Jump content for just $1.99/month.

In addition to other bookstores that carry it, VIZ, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble all sell the Black Clover manga.

The Black Clover manga had amassed 32 tankobon volumes as of April 2022.

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