Bioware Puts An End To Mass Effect Franchise

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EA and Bioware have officially pulled the plug on the Mass Effect franchise. Earlier this year, word came out that the developers were thinking of keeping Mass Effect: Andromeda from receiving any single-player DLC – a first in the history of the franchise.

Now, a new post on Bioware's Mass Effect website confirms the reports, announcing that Andromeda's latest patch, update 1.10, would be the final update for the game.

"[…]there are no planned future patches for single-player or in-game story content," the article goes on to say.


There were rumors back in June that the developers were having trouble with the game, indicating that plans for a sequel had been scrapped in the process. While BioWare still has a few story-based multiplayer missions prepared for gamers, it seems like the developer is putting an end to the franchise. Not only has been Andromeda abandoned five months after its release, but the studios no longer seem to be interested in working on game stories for Mass Effect especially after the title everyone hoped would relaunch the Mass Effect series failed.

It's such a shame – there's been a Mass Effect movie script lying around for years, but it's unlikely that Bioware would invest in another film venture after Assassin's Creed flopped. Fans can hope for a reboot in the future, but there's no telling how long that will take.

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