Bill Maher 'Clarifies' Stan Lee Statement, Still Hates Comic Books and Their Fans

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It wasn't that long ago when Stan Lee passed away, with many fans still missing the Marvel icon to this day. One person who wasn't, and still isn't feeling that way is the comedian and political commentator Bill Maher. The guy seemingly pissed over Lee's legacy and sort of blamed him for the current comic book culture that has engrossed Hollywood, which led to a lot of angry comic book fans and creators lambasting Maher.

During an interview with Larry King, the host brought up how a lot of comic book fans are mad at him. Maher than stated that he wasn't criticizing Lee himself but the culture that he helped create, which the comedian isn't a fan of. He also feels that all of the anger he has gotten further cements his point about these fans who love comic books, feeling that these stories do a poor job of describing the human condition.

While he isn't wrong about criticizing some parts of the culture as there are a certain amount of fans who are a bit too toxic for their own good, the fact that he lambasts a whole art form is pretty disgusting. There are a lot of comic books that have told emotional stories that a lot of people can relate too and they aren't all filled with superheroes.

Bill Maher doesn't care though and he's entitled to his opinion. It's a dumb and close-minded opinion but one he is free to have. At least he doesn't hate Stan Lee? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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