Ben Affleck’s Not So Sad Response to SadAffleck Meme & Batman v Superman Production

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Remember SadAffleck? The sensational meme that followed the tanking of Batman v Superman (well, depending on which side you're on)?

Actor Ben Affleck has finally responded to his thoughts on that in an interview with BBC Radio.

"It taught me not to do interviews with Henry Cavill where I don't say anything and they can lay Simon & Garfunkel tracks over it. That's one thing I learned."

On a more serious and reflective note, he also revealed that he learned a lot as far as the technology that was used in big production films, considering that his take-off points are from the likes of Gone Girl and The Town.

"I had not made a movie of that scale. I didn't know what the sort of technology was capable of doing nowadays. The last big blockbuster-y movie that I made was Armageddon, which was in 1997. The technology had really changed the way those movies were being made and it was fascinating."

Hopefully, what Affleck has learned in Batman v Superman will be a steppingstone to improve the solo Batman movie. Still Batman fans may be pretty jealous of Affleck in one aspect. He currently keeps a replica of the batsuit. In his house. On a dummy. Just like Batman would, in a way.

"I did ask to keep the suit, and they let me keep it. Sort of. Not the one that I actually wore but a replica of it. I just have the Batman suit there."

Of course, the debate continues on whether you like the Batman v Superman batsuit of all the iterations, but I guess a batsuit is a batsui, no questions asked. I prefer the batarang, his other memento from the movie.

Ben Affleck's Batman still has no set production or release date. This year, however, we'll get two DC movies, Wonder Woman on June 2 and Justice League on Nov. 16.

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