Ben Affleck’s Favorite Batman is The Lego Batman Movie’s Will Anett

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The Lego Batman Movie was well-received when it hit American theaters earlier this month, raking in more than $170 million at the Box Office despite opening beside Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick: Chapter 2. The film has often received positive reviews, reaping praise from fans and critics alike. Even the DC Expanded Universe's Batman star, Ben Affleck, considers The Lego Batman Movie's version of the Batman his favorite.

Affleck's best friend Matt Damon and The Lego Batman Movie star Will Arnett went on The Late late Show With James Corden last week and the Bourne series film star revealed how much Affleck actually liked Arnett's version of The Cape Crusader.


When asked whether he preferred Affleck's version of Batman or Arnett's, Damon dodged the question by giving up Affleck's favorite Batman instead.

"I have it on good authority that Will is actually Ben's favorite Batman," Damon opened up. "We're all fans of LEGO Batman. I went this last weekend with my kids. It's just awesome."

Damon then proceeded telling a story about Affleck and his son Sam, a 4 year old child who really believes his dad is Batman.

Check out the full interview down here:

While its interesting to know that Arnett's version of The Dark Knight's so well liked that even Affleck has him as his favorite, it's also fun to hear Damon giving up stories about Affleck and how his family reacts to his role as the DCEU's Batman. It's pretty cute how much Sam thinks his dad is Bruce Wayne.

Affleck returns as the Caped Crusader in DCEU's Justice League which premieres on November 17, 2017.

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