Beast Tamer Episode 5 Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN

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Beast Tamer Episode 5 Release Date and Time COUNTDOWN Tania

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Rein comes face-to-face with Arios and his party, but this time, Tania and Kanade are by his side. What will happen during their encounter? Here’s everything you need to know about Beast Tamer Episode 5, including its release date, time, and more!

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Tania Rein and Kanade

The three-member party led by Rein was onto its next adventure – slime extermination.

Rein explained that slimes are monsters that even F-rank adventurers can defeat easily.

Since they appear weak, a lot of adventurers just ignore them because they have multiplied, and there were reports of slimes destroying the fields.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Kanade

Kanade was put off by the slimes and Tania asked if she was afraid of them. Kanade stated that she isn’t afraid of them. In fact, she can destroy them easily.

But she found the slimes jelly-like and she would hate to get covered in slime during a fight. Tania noted that she will clean them up using her fireball and breath for Kanade.

Meanwhile, Rein thought they won’t get along but was pleasantly surprised to see they were slowly becoming good friends.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Rein

However, the trio could not find a group of slime to hunt, so Rein suggested that they must look for them from the sky.

Rein decided to use Assimilate for this task. Using Assimilate, he transferred a part of his soul to a bird and settled his consciousness into it.

Now, he could move the bird’s body however he wanted to.

Kanade was surprised that Rein was capable of pulling off something like that.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Rein bird

Tania echoed Kanade’s thoughts. Rein mentioned that he thought such skills were normal for Beast Tamers.

He flew away and instructed Kanade and Tania to take care of his body.

They finally found a big group of slimes. Tania asked Rein if he could use magic.

Rein stated that he could only perform novice-level magic like Fireball and Healing. Tania wanted Rein to attack the slimes using Fireball magic.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Rein and Tania

Rein was able to wipe out several slimes using Fireball. Kanade was shocked and so was Rein, but Tania expected this.

She explained that he got the Cat Spirit Tribe physical power after contracting with Kanade, and from Tania, he gained the magic of Dragonoid.

She added that her Fireball and breath were made from magic, and now, that power got into Rein.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Tania

He was excited and asked Tania to teach him the art of using magic. Tania stated that she will give it her best shot and will not hold back.

Tania’s style of teaching was a bit rough as she yelled at Rein whenever he made a mistake. Rein called it the real Spartan training, but he was able to improve his magic control.

Later, the trio returned to the Adventurer’s Guild. Rein, Kanade, and Tania strolled through the market all day.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Rein

Rein was happy that people were accepting Kanade as a weird girl who dresses like a Dragonoid. Over dinner, Kanade and Tania asked Rein how he learned taming.

Rein revealed that he learned the skill in his village where Beast Tamers gathered. He added that even his parents were Beast Tamers.

He recalled that it was a small but nice village. Unfortunately, his hometown doesn't exist anymore.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap young Rein

Rein remembered the night when he witnessed the total destruction of his hometown. It was attacked by monsters and he was the sole survivor.

The adventurers, who arrived at the scene, rescued him. He lived and worked at the inn of one of the adventurer’s acquaintances.

One day, he met with Arios and his group. Arios, a hero, was looking for a party member and offered Rein a position in his party.

He was delighted to join the party. However, the group thought Rein was useless and eventually expelled him from the party.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Arios and his party

Rein’s story was heartbreaking for Kanade, and Tania and they were furious at the Hero Party, but Rein assured them that he was over it.

The next day, the three faced a group of orcs. Orcs are E-rank monsters and their physical strength is similar to that of Goblins.

However, Orcs are smarter than the Goblins and they fight using weapons. The trio put up a good fight against their opponents.

Kanade and Tania were enjoying slaying them but Rein warned them against putting their guards down. He reminded them that they were just beginners in the world of adventurers.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Tania and Rein

Suddenly, Tania came under attack by two Goblins. She managed to kill one of them but the second was ready to strike her down.

However, Rein went in between them and the Goblin stabbed his arm. Tania was feeling bad but Rein assured her that he will use healing magic to recover.

Later, Tania went into a self-reflection mode and wanted to be left alone for a bit. Rein met with her and she was embarrassed about what happened earlier.

Rein told her not to worry as she reflected on the incident enough already.

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Recap Tania

Later, at night, Kanade realized she was harboring feelings for Rein, but she denied it and called it fondness.

The next day, the trio was able to complete another quest. Tania suggested that they must get new equipment and Rein welcomed her idea.

Before they could go ahead with purchasing the tools, Arios and his party appeared before Rein on the road and greeted him sarcastically.

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Beast Tamer Episode 5 Title

Beast Tamer Episode 5 Title Kanade

Beast Tamer Episode 5 is entitled Beast Tamer Vs Hero.

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Beast Tamer Episode 5 Synopsis

Beast Tamer Episode 5 Synopsis Arios and Rein

The series' official website has released the synopsis of the fifth episode, teasing Rein’s encounter with Arios and the rest of the hero’s party.

Arios wants Rein to cooperate with them and join in a quest. However, Tania and Kanade, who now know about how Rein was treated by his previous group, demand an apology.

Arios is furious when Tania and Kanade tell them to apologize to Rein.

Beast Tamer Episode 5 Release Date

Beast Tamer Episode 5 Release Date Tania

Beast Tamer Episode 5 is slated to release on October 29, 2022, in all regions, including the US, the UK, Europe, and Japan.

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Beast Tamer Episode 5 Release Time

Beast Tamer Episode 5 Release Time Kanade

In Japan, Beast Tamer Episode 5 is scheduled to release on October 29, 2022, at 10:00 PM JST.

Based on this information, the following release times should apply to various international locations:

  • Pacific Time: 6:00 AM (October 29, 2022)
  • Central Time: 8:00 AM (October 29, 2022)
  • Eastern Time: 9:00 AM (October 29, 2022)
  • British Time: 2:00 PM (October 29, 2022)

Please bear in mind that Crunchyroll and other platforms’ streaming time may vary from the broadcast time in Japan.

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Beast Tamer Episode 5 COUNTDOWN

Beast Tamer Episode 5 COUNTDOWN


Where to Watch Beast Tamer Episode 5

Where to Watch Beast Tamer Episode 5 Rein

Beast Tamer Episode 5 is set to stream on Crunchyroll in original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Muse Asia and Animax Asia will also stream Episode 5 in various Asian countries.

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