Batman v Superman’s POTUS Could Be In Aquaman

There's a chance that the President of the United States, voiced by Patrick Wilson in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, could be in the standalone Aquaman film.

Audiences didn't actually see Wilson's POTUS in Batman v Superman. The President only had to give an order via speakerphone during the film's major battle and the government had to find a way to deal with Doomsday.

Being of the same DC universe as Aquaman and since Wilson has worked with Aquaman director James Wan on many different occasions, ComingSoon asked the director whether Wilson's POTUS will appear in the Atlantean's solo film.

Wan explained:

You just might! … That is a house of cards. That is one with a lot of story strains and story plot. Whether you go work in DC or go work at Marvel, the sandbox is kind of established and you kind of have to play within the sandbox. The key is to, hopefully, when you're in the sandbox, to create your own castle.

While it would be interesting to see minor characters in Batman v Superman interacting with others in upcoming films of the DC Extended Universe, by the time Aquaman is released, there would have been several other new characters to have been introduced in Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League Part One. There's no telling if Wilson will be featured in any of them.

Aquaman is slated for release on July 27, 2018.

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