Batman v Superman's Clark Kent Is Faithful To The Comics

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As Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice nears its release, the promotional campaign has continued to build further anticipation for the film.

The latest installment in the campaign is an inSinginterview with Henry Cavill, where the 32-year-old English actor opens up about Superman as well as the Kryptonian’s Earth-based alter ego.

According to Cavill, Clark Kent in Batman v Superman will be faithful to the original comics than previous Superman films.


He revealed:

It’s more the Clark Kent from the comic books as opposed to the Richard Donner, Christopher Reeve version of Clark Kent. While that character is very much beloved, I feel that this Clark is more in line what that who is a journalist. He’s a reporter. There’s less of that light touch, less of that comedic touch to his performance or his presentation to the world.

Apparently, Kent’s position as a reporter for The Daily Planet will be highlighted and will be utilized to benefit Superman:

For Clark, there are very serious issues. Certainly, in this movie, he’s trying to get Perry to say, ‘Look, this Batman guy is a bad guy! Let me tell the story about him!’ He’s trying to use his position as a reporter to make things better without having to resort to the cape.
It’s interesting to see. There’s a more serious tone. There’s more presence of a place of importance as a journalist.

In the interview, the Man of Steel actor also shared minor details about Superman, such as his experience as a superhero since Man of Steel, as well as how the character felt upon realizing that mankind considers him a threat rather than a savior.

Check out the entire interview below:



Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of an awkward and incredibly shy Clark Kent had been loved by fans time and again because of the character’s role in hiding the identity of Superman. By retrospect, Cavill’s version of Clark in Batman v Superman appears to make light of the character in terms of being hiding Kent's true form.

The effectivity of Cavill’s new take on the role is left for audiences to interpret. I’m sure many DC fans will appreciate that the upcoming film will stay faithful to its source material in some respects.

Personally, as long as it fits, I don’t mind seeing a competitive Clark Kent in the upcoming DC film.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s promotional campaign has so far resulted to the success of the film in presale tickets.

Batman v Superman will hit theaters on March 25.

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