Batman Officially Considered As A Metahuman By DC

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Suicide Squad #22.

It looks like Batman's finally joined DC's list of metahumans.

Though the Dark Knight has always been a symbol that reminded everyone of what they can achieve through the sheer force of determination and intense discipline, Amanda Waller in Rob William's Suicide Squad #22 says the Dark Knight may no longer be an ordinary human being. According to a report by Bleeding Cool, this week's issue of William's comicbook has Waller sending her team to fetch two metahumans, and this includes Batman.

Though Bruce Wayne hasn't manifested any super powers just yet, Dark Days already teased the reason why Batman's becoming a metahuman. In the series, the Dark Knight made contact with Nth metal after getting healed by dionesium which helped him return him to his best physical capacity.


Acccording to the Joker, Nth Metal turns human beings into metahumans, and it seems like fans can expect Batman's powers to show as DC's Metal event moves along. Of course, Batman's physical capacity already makes him an outstanding example of a human being, so it's exciting to imagine what the Dark Knight might become because of the Nth Metal. Let's wait and see.

Here's the synopsis for Suicide Squad #22.

"‘KILL YOUR DARLINGS' part two! Face to face with the Russian mastermind she's been tracking since SUICIDE SQUAD: REBIRTH #1, Amanda Waller is horrified to find the Suicide Squad commanded by her own dark mirror, the enigmatic Direktor Karla, who's surpassed the Task Force X leader in the one game she cannot afford to lose: control."

Suicide Squad #22 is currently on shelves.

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