Batman Movie Loses Director as Talks with Matt Reeves Break Down

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The troubled Batman movie is about to re-enter rougher waters as talks with its first choice for director, Matt Reeves, have broken down. Earlier this week, the filmmaker who reimagined the Planet of the Apes saga was being courted by DC Entertanment and/or Warner Brothers to take over the directorial reins that Batman star Ben Affleck relinquished.

Hollywood Reporter confirms the news from a source, who also said that the studios still hope that negotiations can resume. What can re-establish this is when "heads cool," says the source. The studios have also made it clear that Batman is a big enough hero who can survive any change of directorial hands. Ridley Scott, another high-profile director with movies like Alien, is allegedly on the studio list of possible directors.

There is truth to that statement in that the Caped Crusader is a legend who is not dependent on any one person to continue his movie. But let's not forget that without the right director who has the right vision, the most popular superheroes can still end up in cinematic development hell. Tim Burton brought a gritty surrealism to the first Batman movie in 1989, but Joel Schumacher's campiness brought the franchise crashing to a halt in Batman and Robin only eight years later. And it would take almost another decade before Christopher Nolan would bring back the Batman to his full and unforgiving glory with Batman Begins.

Complacency can't be allowed to undermine the creative process. The powers-that-be had better get their act together, or risk being run over by Marvel's cinematic juggernaut altogether.


Affleck, at least, wanted to get his Batman movie right. As of last report, and rumors notwithstanding, he still wants to continue the film. See the clip below to get an idea of why he's passionate about it.