31 May 2021 12:32 PM +00:00 UTC

Batman Begins Star Cillian Murphy Admits He Wasn't Bruce Wayne Material

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

I think we can all agree that Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy revolutionized the entire superhero genre thanks to the director adding some air of realism to his films and despite initial skepticism from fans, his take on the caped crusader actually worked. Fast forward to today, the trilogy consisting of films Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises is now regarded as some of the best comic book films ever produced.

I don't believe I was close to landing that role. The only actor who was right for that part at that time, in my estimation, was Christian Bale, and he absolutely smashed it. So, for me, it was just an experience, and then it turned into something else. It turned into that character, Scarecrow, and it turned into a working relationship with Chris. So I think back very, very fondly on that time, but I never, ever, ever considered myself Bruce Wayne material."

Murphy's unconventional take on Scarecrow gained a cult following over the years but it still bums me out that he wasn't treated as a more formidable foe. Oftentimes, he was reduced to being a side villain which is a damn shame because the character had loads of potential to be something great. Now, when you think of Nolan's TDK trilogy and its villains, fans are only reminded of guys like Bane and Joker.

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