Bandai Namco Announces Dragon Ball Legends For Mobile Devices

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For a while, it seemed like only console and PC owners would get all the good Dragon Ball games. From the excellent Dragon Ball FighterZ to the impressive Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which still gets a number of updates and DLC, it's a great time to be a fan of a gamer who is a fan of the franchise.

Well, mobile gamers are about to get a new game called Dragon Ball Legends and it actually looks pretty cool. Set for release sometime in 2018, it will be a team-based fighting game coming to iOS and Android.

One impressive thing Bandai Namco is promising is seamless online PvP. Gamers won't just be taking on the AI of other players but the players themselves. Dragon Ball Legends will be using Google's Cloud Platform to make it happen.

A demonstration of Legends' online play was shown during Google Developer Day 2018, though fans will have to skip to five hours and 43 minutes if they want to see the game in action.

No release date for Dragon Ball Legends has been revealed, though Bandai Namco has promised that it will be out this year.

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