Bad Boys For Life Isn’t Dead Yet

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Things aren't looking good for the third Bad Boys movie, which is currently being called Bad Boys For Life. It was announced ages ago, and there haven't been many updates for it, which is always worrisome. Add the stigma that tends to accompany 10-year-old sequels, as Zoolander 2 showed, and it's clear that the film is troubled.

Still, it seems like producer Jerry Bruckheimer is still optimistic about the third film. To his credit, the man who helped bring Pirates of the Caribbean to life did acknowledge some of the missteps taken when working on the film. He even admits that they lost their way for a while, but he's still hoping that the next Bad Boys will eventually be made.


Here is what Bruckheimer told Yahoo News:

"Well, we've been developing it for I don't know how many years now and we had a period of time where it got pretty close and then it drifted away a little bit and hopefully it will drift back again," he said. "We have a new writer on it who's working on it right now, so that gives me encouragement."

This is in stark contrast to what Martin Lawrence had to say. Lawrence told Entertainment Weekly that a third film might not happen, since his co-star Will Smith is busy with other movies. Only time tell if a third film actually happens.

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