Awesome Hands-On Sneak Peek Videos of 'Far Cry Primal'

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Far Cry Primal will be released in a matter of weeks, and in anticipation, several reports have already popped up offering a peek into Ubisoft’s latest creation. One of the most insightful ones is IGN’s, which offers a peek of the game after three hours of playtime.

Far Cry Primal is set in the Stone Age and features many extinct species such as woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers.


According to IGN, while Far Cry Primal features an outdoor setting, it doesn’t have the common post-apocalyptic grays and silvers found in most first-person shooter franchises today. Also, the greens and yellows found in the natural surroundings even out the bloody scenes.

The first hour of the game reportedly features cinematics and mechanics until the player becomes the Beast Master, which means having the ability to control animals and have better chances at surviving in the game. IGN also mentioned an owl you can teach attacks to, and control power over wolves, bears and sabertooth tigers. There’s also the ability to overthrow tribes’ forts and villages when you level-up, with options to stab or skull-crush your way into power. The less dirty option is to let your wolf do all the killing.

Other things mentioned in the report is the ability to upgrade your own village, craft items and scavenge resources. You can also get further Beast Master action when missions are at hand.

Since the action-adventure video game is still up for release, it may take a while before it gets a steady following. However, just from the previews and other hands-on reports so far, the future looks promising for Far Cry Primal. I have no doubt that its distinctive setting will eventually stand out in the gaming world.