Awesome $2,000 Star Wars Rancor Cosplay Wins All of Comic-Con 2016

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A lot of mind-blowing cosplayers amazed fans at this past weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, so it's hard to pick a favorite when you have great cosplays like a squad of pastel-colored Wookiees, or Ronald McDonald as Thor. But this year's true winner for best overall cosplay is Jeremy Fisher, a Los Angeles-based animator who spent around $2,000 to make a working Rancor suit.

For the few of you who has never seen Return of the Jedi or probably forgot about this creature from the Star Wars saga, the Rancor was Jabba the Hutt's killer pet that he kept beant his throne room, who he used to try to kill off the Jedi Knights.

It took Fisher over a year to make this suit with some mottled flesh made from polyfoam, detachable limbs, anda few USB-powered fans to keep him cool inside.


Watch IGN's video of Fisher posing with fans in his Rancor cosplay:

Via Vulture