Avengers: Infinity War Writers Say That The Film Is Thanos’ Origin Movie

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Marvel might be bringing more than sixty characters together in Avengers: Infinity War in an epic battle between the Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Thanos, but according to the film's screenwriters, in many ways the film is actually the Mad Titan's.

In a new interview with Screen Rant,Infinity War writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus talk about how Marvel's trying to improve the way it writes its villains, saying that they've been trying their best to separate Thanos from all the other baddies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


"Yes, one of the big challenges is how to make sure he's not just a relentless machine collecting stones like he's going shopping," McFeely explained. "So we want to give him a full weighted emotional story. You can kind of say this is Thanos' origin story so that he will get the weight of any of the previous heroes in terms of the decisions he has to make in order to get what he wants."

"Well part of it is motivation," Markus went on. "If you have a villain who just wants to kill somebody or just wants to take over the world because it seems like a fun thing to do, or has been paid by the Russians to take over the world… run for President to take over the world. That guy isn't very interesting. He's pathetic, but we take this from [Thanos co-creator Jim Starlin]. Thanos is an amoral philosopher. He's not the Devil – although he does sometimes have the Devil standing next to him."

Marvel has improved writing its villains. Spider-Man: Homecoming's Vulture had some pretty solid motivation that drove him to do what he'd do, and so did Black Panther's Erik Killmonger. We're pretty sure that the studio will do even better in Avengers: Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity War premieres April 27.

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