08 Mar 2018 9:57 AM +00:00 UTC

Avengers: Infinity War Shines in 15 Covers for Entertainment Weekly

This May will see the release of one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Avengers: Infinity War, and Entertainment Weekly has a special treat for anyone who likes to collect their covers. 15 alternate covers are available to collect, each with different characters, and they all connect to form the Avengers logo.

Isn't that neat?

Here are all the covers together:


Though Thanos is smack dab in the middle of the arrangement, we don't get to see anyone from his Black Order. Even with the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos will still need his own team of competent underlings to go against Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The covers also mix and match characters from different franchises. You have Okoye on the same cover as Star-Lord and War Machine on the same issue with Drax. I don't know how these characters are all going to interact with each other, but hopefully directors Joe and Anthony Russo have found a good way to bounce them off with one another. Working on an a show like Community has hopefully given them the chops they need to make character interaction fun.

Black Panther may be dominating the box office for now, but everyone can't wait for the release of Avengers: Infinity War on April 27.

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