Avengers: Infinity War First Script Reads Ensure One Hero’s Fate

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The fates of the Avengers have never really been certain. Sure, the likes of Iron Man and Captain America seem far from being killed at any time in the near future. But the rest of the Avengers who were introduced later on—or play a more or less minor role than the mainstays—are a little more uncertain, especially with the brewing insane battle in Avengers: Infinity War.

For now, we know the fate of at least one Avenger, Falcon who's portrayed by Anthony Mackie. Cap's most loyal ally in the group next to his BFF Bucky, Falcon is a great companion and trusted wingman (pun intended). And for now, after reading bits of the Avengers: Infinity War script, he's doing all right, as she shared with ScreenGeek.

"I've only read five pages—and they were a good five pages. But I was alive in those five pages. I ain't dying. I've got that in my contract. You can't a brother off. I'm not going to die. I ain't going nowhere."

The next question to that, however, is whether that means he could stay long enough to be able to take up the vibranium shield that Chris Evans seems to be in danger of putting down. But Mackie doesn't seem as keen on doing this either.

"I can't think of another actor who would be able to play that role as well as he does—and I love the idea of me, Chris, and Sebastian and Scarlet just living forever in the Captain America franchise. It's just fun."

I think we can all agree on this. As much as I love Mackie as the ever-trusty soldier and Bucky as the Winter Soldier and the adorable BFF to Cap, Chris Evans will forever be the Captain America of the MCU. If anything, I feel that he would make a killing, if Secret Empire were ever somehow plotted into the MCU.

Avengers: Infinity War will be out next year, with the untitled sequel heading to theaters in 2019.

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