Avengers: Infinity War Directors Have One Other Cool Project

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The Russo brothers have been blowing our minds ever since Captain America: Civil War showed us the right way to break up and make super allies fight.

And even though ensemble casts seem to be their forte—as we can already assume with Avengers: Infinity War—the duo are also set to work on a project that focuses on the worst duo possible.

The Wrap reported that Joe and Anthony Russo will be diving into the Quantum and Woody project once they finish with the first part of the awaited movie. And this won't be for the big screen but rather headed to TV.


According to the report, they will be on the project as producers with Valiant Entertainment. Other names already linked to the project include Mike Larocca and Dinesh Shamdasani. Also sharing the executive producer role are Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, names known to Ant-Man fans.

The Russo brother-directors aren't newbies on TV, as they already have their own recognized work for Arrested Development and Community, both of which attest to just how well they are able to give ample screen time to different characters while never forgetting the story they are telling.

It's almost interesting that the story of Quantum and Woody revolves around brothers as well. Only they are interracial and adopted brothers who gain superpowers following the usual lab explosion. But they're not your popular perfect heroes. Instead, the two have become estranged failures, who were altered when they are investigating their father's death.

Superhero stories certainly go beyond the big screen. Knowing what the Russo brothers can do in the span of three hours, a series is definitely going to be an interesting platform to showcase their talent.

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