Avengers: Endgame International Poster Teases The Return of [Spoilers]

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If you're going to say that there's a movie bigger than Avengers: Endgame coming out next month, then you're lying. Sure, movies like Shazam! have their own fans and are going to make money but when you consider all of the build-ups that have led to Endgame, then there is no movie bigger than that this coming April.

Since the trailers and teaser videos are only showing the first 15 minutes, we're all expecting plenty of surprises when the movie comes out. This will be a huge, possibly three-hour movie and our bodies are ready. However, Bruce or Tony's body might need some adjusting as an international poster for the movie has revealed that the freaking Hulkbuster armor will be in the movie.

Used by Bruce during Infinity War to fend off against Thanos and his army after difficulties transforming into The Hulk, it wouldn't be too surprising to see Banner use the Hulkbuster at first. Then again, with the infamous Doctor Hulk persona supposedly being used for Endgame, it will be interesting seeing what kind of role the Hulkbuster plays.


Avengers: Endgame comes out on April 26. The movie will be a culmination of decades worth of storylines and it all ends here, though new beginnings are probably going to happen as well. Captain Marvel is still showing, for those that aren't up to date yet.

Via ComicBookMovie

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