Avengers A-Day: Expect More Heroes to be Playable After Launch

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The New York Comic-Con had surprised a lot of Marvel fans when it was revealed that Kamala Khan would be a playable character in Square Enix's Avengers game. What's interesting is, we may be getting more heroes in the future.

Talking to ComicBook, Crystal Dynamics senior brand director talked a bit about the game length and compared it to that of Tomb Raider. While they don't have a solid number of how much players can expect when it comes to the game, he did end his statement with, "then, of course, you have the extended narrative and the extended game plan, more heroes post-launch."

As of now, we know of six playable heroes. Besides Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, we also have the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Iron Man. Though he supposedly dies at the beginning of the game, Captain America will also be a playable character.


We don't know which other heroes to expect from the game, but maybe we can get some familiar faces like Hawkeye or Scarlet Witch. Maybe they can team-up with Insomniac Games and make Spider-Man playable. How about some heroes that have yet to enter the MCU like She-Hulk or Moon Knight?

Though I was initially skeptical about the Avengers game, I've admittedly warmed up to it after the Kamala Khan reveal. Let's hope Square Enix's Avengers doesn't disappoint when it comes out on May 15, 2020.

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