Avengers 4 Set Photo May have Linked the Movie to Deadpool 2

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Early set photos from Avengers 4 had lead some fans to believe that there will be time travel involved in the film, but now it seems that the movie also has a connection with Deadpool 2.

Check it out:

It's worth noting that Cable's time travel device in Deadpool 2 looks a lot like whatever Chris Evans is wearing in the set photo. We know that's not a part of the original costume, so could it be used as a time-travel device of sorts? Is Avengers 4 going to link the MCU to the Marvel Fox universe? Where does Venom factor in all of this?


If all else, it's probably just a coincidence that Cap would be wearing a device similar to Cable's. It might not even be a time machine at all. It could be a lot of things from an Infinity Stone holder to a funky watch. Hopefully we'll have our explanation when the movie comes out next year.

What I am curious about, though, is the tracking dots they have on the classic costume. Is there supposed to be something latching on to Captain America here? Maybe Iron Man's nanotech armor?

Avengers 4 comes out May 3, 2019 while Deadpool 2 is now out in theaters.

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