20 Feb 2017 12:44 PM +00:00 UTC

Avatar Director James Cameron Inspired by Zack Snyder

Image Credit: HeyUGuys/Youtube

Though Zack Snyder's Batman vs.Superman didn't fare so well amongst fans and critics as it raked in divisive reactions from audiences, a lot of Hollywood directors sill believe in the creative ingenuity of the Watchmen helmsman, and that includes popular Canadian filmmaker, James Cameron.

In a new video interview released online, the Avatar blockbuster film director reveals the different Hollywood helmsmen who've inspired him so much, and among them is DC's Snyder. According to Cameron, Snyder may already be an established director at this point in his career, however his work on the film 300 was so revolutionary during the time of its release, it gave way to a new "cinematic language in film" – a feat that not many directors can do.

Aside from Snyder, Cameron also admires the Alien franchise's Ridley Scott, Machete's Robert Rodriguez and Deadpool director Tim Miller. While many DC fans weren't pleased with Snyder's work in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or in Man of Steel, it seems like Oscar-winning director James Cameron still pretty respects the DC helmsman. Let's hope that Snyder keeps that respect by doing a better job at Justice League.

Justice League premieres on the big screen on November 17, 2017.

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