Author Django Wangler is Writing A Prequel To Magic: The Gathering's War of the Spark

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Wizards of the Coast

There's a novel based on Magic: The Gathering's upcoming set War of the Spark coming next month, and it's written by Greg Weisman, and today, author Django Wexler has announced on his Twitter that he's writing a prequel for Weisman's novel.

"Woo, I finally can tell people that my Secret Project is writing for @wizards_magic!" he tweeted. "Doing a prequel novel(-ish) for @Greg Weisman's WAR OF THE SPARK."

Wexler is the author of The Shadow Campaigns, The Forbidden Library, and The Wells of Sorcery. His new book Ship of Smoke and Steel is available now. Wexler hasn't revealed any plot details yet but if you want to learn more about the plot of Weisman's War of the Spark, you can click here.

I'm looking forward to reading Wexler's Magic novel and Weisman's War of the Spark. I'm sure it's going to be epic.

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Wizards of the Coast

You can watch DailyMTG's interview with Weisman in the video below:


Ravnica: War of the Spark by Greg Weisman will be released on April 23. It's available for pre-order now. The Magic: The Gathering set War of the Spark will be released on May 3, 2019

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