Attack On Titan Studio Working On 2018 Pokémon Movie

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Ever since the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime premiered, fans have been divided over the new art style the show has adapted. While it does make for silky smooth movements and some great battles, arguably the best in the show's history, some have complained about the new character designs. Ash is the one fans have complained about the most, so when the I Choose You film showed off a more familiar design it gained a positive response, despite Pikachu saying actual human words.

It seems like the next Pokemon movie will be the latest escape from the Sun and Moon designs, albeit with a small twist.

The new Pokemon film will be worked on by the same studio that makes Attack on Titan and will feature a completely new design for Ash. It's more realistic than the design from Sun and Moon, and the other looks he had in various seasons. Actual details on the film's story are still a big mystery but it looks interesting, to say the least.


Anyone expecting a ton of details from the teaser trailer released is going to be disappointed. The only things we see are a new design and fashion sense for Ash, as well as a mysterious girl who seems to know things about Ash's hat. Seriously, it's a vague trailer.

Fans have speculated that this will be a sequel to I Choose You and will continue the new movie canon that the previous film started. Hopefully, we won't get anymore talking Pikachu.

No release date has been given, though it did get a 2018 window.

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