Attack on Titan Live-Action TV Series is Coming This Summer

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The Attack on Titan franchise just keeps getting bigger. Its popular anime and manga series have spawned legions of fans; there's also going to be a live-action Japanese film set to release later this year. There's even a rumor that Sony is planning to develop live-action Attack on Titan films for the Western audience. And now it's also getting a live-action TV series in development, and it's set to release this coming August.

The series will tie into the 2-part live-action films, and will serve as a bridge between them, according to the Anime News Network. The series will eam on dTV — Docomo's revamped streaming video service, and it will feature some characters from the live-action films, but a new character is also joining the cast. While the world and characters are based on Hajime Isayama's mangas, the live-action TV series will bring new characters and enemies in its story.


Watch the trailer of the live-action Attack on Titan films by clicking here.