Attack on Titan Confirms Returning & New Character Spotlights

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Of all the awaited sequels, Attack on Titan has always been pretty high up the list. Not only did the first season show us how great an anime can be if it knew how to suspend disbelief and use proper spacing, it also took quite a while before we were able to even have the light of hope for a new season.

Now that this is here, fans are clamoring for more information of the upcoming sequel for the anime. We already know a few things that the creators have been doing, and now, CBM managed to get an interview from director Masashi Koizuka, who explains a few things for the follow-up. For one thing, he approves of the improvements that the entire team has gone through.

Thanks to the years' worth of gap in the process of animating the first and second season, now it seems that everyone in the team has already evolved to a higher level of talent.

"Whatever I picture as the finished visuals, the staff put out stuff that is far more creative."

And while we already know that duo Krista and Ymir will be getting more spotlight this time, it doesn't mean they're the only highlights.

"Of course, it's not just Krista and Ymir. Season 1 focused mainly on Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the 104th. But the other members of the corps who didn't get much of the spotlight, get a lot of attention in Season 2."

An educated guess would put the other immediate members of the 104th at the forefront. At the same time, the lurking dangers trapped within the 104th squad will surely get some limelight.

Attack on Titan will be back with its second season on April 1.

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