Attack on Titan Confirmed for Season 3

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If you were disappointed to see the last run of the 12-episode season 2 of Attack on Titan, then you'd be happy to know that the wait for the next one won't be as brutal.

Funimation has just released a new preview clip for the third season, teasing not just the arcs that will be covered, but also confirming when the new season will arrive. The clip below shows a montage of images, some taken from the manga—and fans are freaking out over which clips they are (spoilers below).

Based on the images, the third season may cover until volume 22, if the last image and tagline are anything to go by. It refers to the sea, which some people may know too well about Armin.


There's also a cover image that may clue in fans to the next character who'll be the major focus, and he's one we've pretty much missed the entire previous season. Given how Attack on Titan had focused on the betrayer titans-in-hiding, season 3 may now be looking at Levi's arc.

Even though the studio hasn't confirmed the episode count yet, the teased images suggest that it could go as long as 24 episodes, similar to season 1. That's an easy count, considering reaching so far as to reveal what's hiding in Eren's old basement.

Attack on Titan 3 will arrive sometime in 2018—hopefully by the first half of the year so the wait won't be too intense. The studio knows how to deliver a cliffhanger, and this was one was worse than the last time.

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