'Attack on Titan' App Features A Dancing Life-Size Titan

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 The Attack on Titan hype continues. Earlier this month, the first trailer for the live-action Japanese film was released; now we got an augmented-reality app to share, and its idea is terrifying. 

Augmented-reality apps create a 3D image that appears on a real-world background when you view it through your computer or mobile device. This one uses a visual market to direct the camera when to project a 3D model of the Colossal Titan onscreen. The Titan even dances! 

YouTube user kamoc explains that the size of the marker determines the size of the Titan, so he created the largest marker grid he could, attaching it to the ground outside. Then he placed a drone overhead with a camera, and the Colossal Titan showed up as soon as the camera was at the right angle to pick up the marker image.

Watch the Titan dance in this video: